The 2022 Brainwash Shows!

And…………… The 2022 Winners!

2nd Grand Prize! – Undeniably Young: Nora Young and the Six Day Race – Julia Morgan

1st Prize! – Cat Clay Chaos – Emmett Fifield

3rd Prize! – Candied Lips – Hina Effie Ogino 

4th Prize! – Into the Realm of the Night – Patrick Muller

5th Prize – Lemon Lime – Mara Ramirez

6th Prize – Closed World and It’s Freinds – Nuhae Lee

Our theatrical shows this year are over. Now, we are headed into broadcast, internet presentations, and our drive-in series, continuing outdoors in Doyle, CA, starting in spring, 2023. More info. and show postings right here, culminating in our new edition at the end of the summer, there.

Our new Call for Entries for next season is now open, also

The Brainwash Movie Festival would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many people who helped us along this season, and some, through many, with Special Thanks to Rick Wilson & Holly Irene Cardoza for their extreme help in Doyle @ the shows this year, Bruno Chatelin and &, of course, as always, Mike Snook, our congenial host and Philarthropist.

The New Nimby Project

434-860 Doyle Loop

Doyle, California 96109

(Across from the Buck Inn)



Fri., Aug. 26th, 2022


Lemon Lime – Mara Ramirez


Scape Learning – Atobe Hiroshi


The Sprayer – Farnoosh Abedi


This Could Be – Eddy Falconer


Into the Realm of the Night – Patrick Muller


Apres Decembre – Francois Pirotte


If Any – Adam E. Stone


For the Clean Up – Mohammad Moravej


Candied Lips – Hina Effie Ogino


Yurei – Lindsay Sunada


It’s Just Balloons – Brian Zahm



Sat., Aug. 27th, 2022


Almost a Masterpiece – Bob Belinoff


Front Window – Javid Farahani


Mister D – Gary Beeber


Elwood – Liam Wurtz


The Thrill – Gordy De St. Jeor


Days Counted – Chandler Gibson


Free Your Mind – Kevin Manh


Cat Clay Chaos – Emmett Fifield



Sun., Aug. 28th, 2022


Stair Stare – John Akre


Closed World and Its’ Friend – Nuhae Lee


IXION#2 “The EyeCandyTM” – Joey Bargsten


Cold Brew – David Kennedy


Undeniably Young: Nora Young & the Six-Day Race – Julia Morgan


A Biker’s Dream – Ken Glaser


Judges: Kamala, Dave & Mark

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