2021 Brainwash Program

The 27th Annual Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival

And The Brainwash 2021 Movie Festival Winners!

2nd Grand Prize! Saving North – J. Mitchell Johnson

1st Prize: At Home She’s a Tourist – David Andrews

3rd Prize: Aliens on Halloween – Riker Lynch

4th Prize: Pleasant Valley Drive-In – Brian Zahm

5th Prize: Antenna Farm – John Akre

Audience Choice Award: Peace in War – John Case

Each night from Friday, October 15th – Sunday Oct. 17th, 2021 All shows @ 8:30pm

At The New Nimby Project

434-860 Doyle Loop

Doyle, California 96109

(Across from the Buck Inn)

Tickets $12ea. per show. Big Discounts on Groupon!

Friday, Oct. 15th

At Home She’s a Tourist –
David Andrews

Aliens on Halloween – Riker Lynch

Saving North – J. Mitchell Johnson

Saturday, Oct. 16th

Dash McCabe – Robert Pace

The Fuzzies – Josh Funk

Man on the Moon –
Sean Conway

Oh, For a Pack of Gum –
Malcolm Mills

As Good As Dead –
Dave Reda

Peace In War – John Case

Pleasant Valley Drive In –
Brian Zahm

ZugZwang –
Alireza Mohammadi

Antenna Farm – John Akre

Ouroboros – Heather Knott

Safe Passage (for Sheila) –
Erin Fussell

Survivers –
Carlos Gómez-Trigo

Swipe – Anthony Sneed

Vegetarian’s Lament –
Eric Maierson

Earsie – Erin Greenwell

Melissa Is Dead –
Matthew Ragsdale

an entombing(dis)entombing
Adam E. Stone

Sunday, Oct. 17th

Мы/We – Ivan Lopatin

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