The Brainwash Movie Festival 10/27-29/2023!

Join us for the 29th Annual Brainwash Movie Festival At the New Farm, a San Francisco iconic venue. Showing an eclectic collection of mostly short, fiercely independent movies, the weekend (Oct. 27-29) promises to be a true eye-opener for cinephiles, the ultra-casual spectator and inspiration for other movie producers.

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*** = Award Winner!
Project Title Director(s)

Fri., 10/27 – Light Night

***The Unseen

John Akre
Tangent 61 Dan McHale
Polish/English Phrasebook Eric Maierson
Long Ago and Far Away Erik Jacobsen
Spaghetti and Western (The Director’s Cut) Rob McLean
Valley Fever Dream Andy Moore
ywnhx Nate Dorr
Sky’s Gray Gary Beeber
Self-Portrait Artist Curtis Whitear
The Little Astronaut Kuba Szutkowski
Absolution Lauren Spohn
smush Stephan Larson
Night Drives: While My Bidet Gently Weeps Jono Hunter
Feeder Laura Iancu
Squeeze Alfred Hernandez
***Shitfaced Jack E.K. Collier

Sat., 10/28 – Loathsome Night

The Fifth Shot

Robert Howat
Vultures Jacob Thompson
The Scariest Thing You Have Ever Seen Peter Allen VanOosting
The Strong Man BenoƮt Dietrich
Bad Delivery Thomas Morris
The Bad Guy Speaks B. R. Tatalovic
Hopeless Mark Gabriel Galliano
***Loup Garou   Erin Greenwell

Sun., 10/29 – Longs Night


Yurie Collins
Striving for the Present Oded Farber,
Gilad Kahana
***Once I Passed           Martin Gerigk

And Thanks! to this year’s Judges: Kamala, Dave, Mark, and, of course, Shelby Toland, our Founder:


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And many thanks to the following contributors — past, present, and future:

Founders: Shelby Toland, Dave Krzysik, Barbara Traub & Scott Arford
Exec. Producer: Duncan Maddux
2023 judges: Dave Krzysik, Kamala, Mark McGothigan and Shelby Toland

Special Thanks to:
Neil Kaplan (may he Rest in Peace), David Sutera, Mike Snook and Nimby, Amy Stabler, Dionne Stevens, Jason Gohlke, (General Partner Emeritus), Ron Baker, Simon Lang, Michael Mohr, Jalal Elhayek, Steve Mobia, Bekah Barnett, Ben the awesome fiddle and banjo player, Doug Campbell, Mark McGothigan, Linda Lord, Gary Nakamoto, Dave Reda, Emmanuel Jonas, Steven DeCaprio, Sarah Fisher, Yvette Hochberg, Andy Kirk, D.J. Neel N. Kizmiaz, Lillian Phaeton, Bev Reiser, The Rhythmic Revolution, Hal Robins, Betty Tweedy, Jonathan Logan, Jesse Block, Ed Holmes, Vikki Vaden, Mark States, Victor Ho, John Law, The SF Cacophony Society, (we're on pgs. 230-231), Scott Beale, Rob Schmidt, J.D. Boggmann, Mr. Mystic, M2, Burning Man, Phil Shuey, Kathy Vaquilar, Annie Coulter, Mike Dingle, SomArts, Jabari Herbert, Monsa, Phil Snyder, Mark Thimijian, ALL of our moviemakers! and, in memoriam to Michael Hawk and Les Blank, whose movies live on.

Theme Music for the Festival and Big Weird Time Webisodes: Traffic Man, written by Dave Krzysik & Ed Bullins.
Performed by:
Hot Tub Man: Benny Lewis, Joe Shelby, Gaylord Birch, Nik Phelps, Joe McKinley, & Dave Krzysik. Hot Tub Man, with a different line-up, also performed Find Your Place, moviemaker Scott Bartlett's last movie.

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