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The 24th Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie festival Award Winners!

The 2nd Grand Prize Award Winner: Twice Upon a Time – Vojin Vasovic

The First Prize Award Winner:  High-Five the Cactus– Christopher Allan Thomas

Third Prize Award: Bounty – Katarzyna Kochany

Fourth Prize: Colorado Counties: A Journey in Watercolor – Ronnie Cramer

Fifth: The Oak Tree – Ethan Jahan

The Audience Choice Award: Suck – Anthony Sneed

And! The First Ever Brainwash Awesome Achievement Award! To: Dave Reda

More online in our Awards Presentation show on the Brainwash test broadcast so tune in!


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The 24th Annual Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival! 2018!

July, Fri. the 13th, Sat. 14th, Fri. 20th & Sat. 21st.

All shows: 9pm.

@ Nimby, 8410 Amelia St., Oakland, CA, US.


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Adm.: $15 ea. per show at the door.

$12ea. tickets, festival pass – $40 for all four shows, 

$50 for two 

@ Universe logo


July, Friday the 13th, Brainwash Horror Celebration!

Rotting Love – Dave Reda

Lilly and the Baby – The Bum Family

Due Day – Midia Kiasat

Ducko – Demitra Papadinis

Suck – Anthony Sneed

When She Awakes – Juan Davis

The Condemned (The Hat Trick Trilogy, Part I) – Jay Wade Edwards

Times of Plenty – Max Mollring

House Roxy – Noel Holmes

Horror of Our Love – Dave Reda


July, Saturday the 14th

The Secret to Longevity – Nikolia Apostolou

Georgia O’Keeffe & Me – Bob Belinoff

Growgirl – Kate McCabe

Wildflower Enthusiast – Kate McCabe

Colorado Counties: A Journey In Watercolor – Ronnie Cramer

Lotte That Silhouette Girl – Carla Patullo

Dreamer: A Dance Narrative – Sam Solomon

A Boy’s Dream – Doug Birnbaum

Side Effects May Include – Jonathan Kiefer

pre/Shapes – Justin Erickson

Humming Bird – Ajitpal Singh

Super Fun Show, with Learning! – Lexie Kahanovitz


July, Friday the 20th

The Secret to Longevity – Nikolia Apostolou

Hi-Five the Cactus –  Christopher Allan Thomas

Tea Time With Mr. Patterson –  Lorena Lourenço

Artemis & the Astronaut – A. L. Lee

Morphosis –  Santiago Castano

140 Characters – Dean Winkler

Futureworld – Christopher Angus

Cypher – Lawrence Lam


July, Saturday the 21st

The Secret to Longevity – Nikolia Apostolou

In the Fury! (If a Peacock Screams) – John Fireman

Beth’s Three O’Clock With Dr. Harlow –  Emma Penaz Eisner

Bounty – Katarzyna Kochany

Rick’s Pawnshop – Doug Birnbaum

With Me – Dir.: Azadeh Ghochagh/Prod.: Morteza Gheidi

The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet – John Tso

The Oak Tree – Ethan Jahan

Twice Upon a Time/Bio dvaput jedan kralj – Vojin Vasovic

Awards Presentation

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The 24th Annual Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In show dates for 2018!


Brainwash July, Friday the 13th Horror Celebration @ Nimby! 8410 Amelia, Oakland, CA. 9pm!

Dave reda-Rotting Love pic.Showing Rotting Love by Dave Reda – A Zombie romance and others of such ilk!


The next July, Friday the 13th will be in the year 2029, so it will be 11 years for a night these movies will have such relevance together, again! A must see, now!

Other shows July 14, 20, 21/2018, all @ Nimby 8410 Amelia, Oakland, CA. at 9pm!

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The 23rd Annual Winners AND 2013 Audience Choice Awards!

Announcing The 23rd Annual Brainwash Drive/In-Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival Winners:

The First Prize Award winner: Where Have The Flowers Gone – Sin-Hong Chan

2nd Grand Prize: Bien Mal à Qui!? – Daniel Jenny

Third Prize Award: The Blue Jet – Lawrence Lam

Fourth Prize: Solved – Michael Bartolomeo

FifthWhat Price Freedom: The History of Apocalypse Cartoons – Dean Packis

The Audience Choice AND Best Feature Film Awards: Jackson Bolt – a’Ali de Sousa


AND, FINALLY,  The 19th Annual Brainwash Drive/In-Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Audience Choice Winners:

It’s a tie! Between two great movies from our past, 2013, show – (Pls. scroll down and click “Older Posts” on the bottom left for a list of our 2013 shows & other Award Winners) –

Mirror Lies – Adam Rosenberg


Delusional – Jeremy Scripter

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Breaking News!

The Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie festival Announces the 23rd Annual Festival 2017 Program!!!

July 21, 22, 28 & 29/2017 @  Nimby,  8410 Amelia St., Oakland, CA, USA. All shows 9:00 pm.

Adm.: $15 ea. per show at the door.

$12ea., festival pass – $30 for all four shows @ Universe logo


Friday, July 21, 2017

Hell  No! – Sally Richardson/Dave Krzysik

Where Have The Flowers Gone – Sin-Hong Chan*

The Heart of a Nation – Doug Birnbaum

Impervia – Patrick Devaney

Living  Limbo – Paul Aumoeualogo

Regis #2 – Reny Masseglia

Backstage at the O – Olga Wilhelmine

Mostly Useless – Connor O’Rourke

StalkerZ – Damien Patrik

Spies – Katarzyna Kochany


Saturday, July 22, 2017

All The World’s A Stage – Hannes Rall*

Interior Night – Al Watt


Friday, July 28, 2017

Outside the Box – Steve Segal

Solved – Michael Bartolomeo

Pizza  Face – Justin Ulloa/Jamie Dwyer

Hell  No! – Sally Richardson/Dave Krzysik

Cab Elvis – Andrew Franks*

Wait  Wait  Wait – Emma Penaz Eisner

Shout at the Ground – Leela Menon

What Price Freedom: The History of Apocalypse Cartoons – Dean Packis


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lily Hits The Road – The Bum Family

Bien Mal À Qui!? – Daniel Jenny

Panic Attack! – Eileen O’ Meara

The Return – Hamid Reza/Mazrae Khatiri

An Exquisite Task – Beck Underwood

Seventy – Robert Belinoff

My Friend – Kate McCabe

Luis and the Others – Christophe Daci

Catch the Wind – Paul Aumoeualogo

The Blue Jet – Lawrence  Lam

Awards Presentation


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jackson Bolt – a’Ali de Sousa


*Courtesy Aug & Ohr Agency


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The Brainwash 2016 22nd Annual Movie Festival Winners!

Announcing The 22nd Annual Brainwash Drive/In-Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival Winners:

The First Prize Award winner: Dance of the Neurons – Jody Oberfelder

2nd Grand Prize: High Signs – Damien Patrik

Third Prize Award: Head – Stav Levi

Fourth Prize: Clyde’s Game – William Howard

Fifth: “Ahavot Be’kitsur/Short Love – Yaron Yarkoni

The Audience Choice AND Best Feature Film Awards: Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs – Justin Gaar/Carlos de los Rios


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Montclair Village Hosts “Oakland’s Short, Short Film Festival”
presented by Red Oak Realty and Crown Wine & Spirits
Friday, September 9, 2016
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Red Oak Realty Parking Lot
6450 Moraga Ave. Oakland

Red Oak Realty Outdoor Cinema is expanding the summer movie series with the first ever OAKLAND SHORT, SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. These 10 short films are focused on life in Oakland. Filmmakers will be in attendance as the shorts are shown outdoors on a fifty foot screen. The film fest is FREE to the public and is family-friendly.
Sponsored by The Montclair Village Association, Red Oak Realty and Crown Wine & Spirits, the film festival will focus on social insights relevant to a changing Oakland and highlighting the work of local filmmakers. The festival features an array of genres from documentary to art, animation, and fiction.
Documentaries from Oakland’s Camp Reel Stories. A non-profit, Camp Reel empowers 13-18 year old young women with the skills to create their own media, view current media critically and thoughtfully and aspire to leadership in their field. And they deliver great storytelling, too.
Film veteran, Pixar and Disney alumnus, and Academy Award nominee Jim Capobianco will show his independent film and animated short Leonardo. Jim was a writer on The Lion King and Ratatouille, and is currently completing production of the full-length version of his short with Disney.

The festival will also feature curated selections from the 2016 Brainwash Movie Festival including Reid Hemsing’s The Morning Ride, Jody Oberfelder’s art expose, Dance of Neurons, and Phil D’Asaro’s Death of Del Paso, the turn-around story of a not too distant city.

“There is so much great filmmaking talent in the area. Thanks to the support of Crown Wine & Spirits and Red Oak Realty, we were able to put together a fun and thought-provoking collection of short films,” said Daniel Swafford, Executive Director of the Montclair Village Association.
Some of the filmmakers and producers will be in attendance for a brief Q&A. The OAKLAND SHORT, SHORT FILM FESTIVAL will showcase 10 short movies projected outdoors beginning at dark. Bring your chair and a blanket, enjoy the Montclair Village community of restaurants and make it a night out!

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The 22nd Annual Brainwash

Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival

image003image004image006Adm.: $12ea. per show, deep discounts for GROUPON members, multi show discounts @

Universe logo


Friday July 22, 2016  9: 00PM

Head – Stav Levi

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque – Boris Kozlov

Dance of the Neurons – Jody Oberfelder

Honk! Honk! – Lars Fuchs

“Ahavot” Be’Kitsur / Short Love – Yaron Yarkoni

River – Stephanie Maxwell

The Morning Ride – Reid Hemsing

High Signs – Damien Patrik

Yo Soy Pedro – Inconstant Jordan


Saturday July 23, 2016  9: 00PM

The Panty Symphonic – Zach Strum

Little Red Riding Hood – Stephane Guenin

Death of Del Paso – Phil D’Asaro

An Ape Walk Into a Bar: A True Story – Eric Maierson

The Red Card – Dana Brawer

Dark Queen – Dave Reda

Filament, Filament, Filament – Brandon Doherty

Bubble – Alexander Moss

Clyde’s Game – William Howard


Friday July 29, 2016  9: 00PM

Lilly Gets a Pet – Xstine Cook

Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs – Justin Gaar


Saturday July 30, 2016  9: 00PM

Chénmò de péngyǒu / Silent Friends – Rachel Meyers

This is Not a Love Song – Ursula Ellis

The Devil’s Argument – Peter VanOosting

Twinsburg – Joe Garrity

We’ll Get It – Michael Nardelli

The Ride – Waylon Bacon

Artemis – Heather Freeman

Blotch Murder – Serge Goldwicht

Escape – Rachel Meyers



to our judges – Kamala Stuart, Neil Kaplan & Dave Krzysik,

our sponsors – Ink Tip, East Bay Express & Jungle Software





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The 21st Brainwash Festival Winners:

The First Prize Award winner: Predatory Lender – Jim Meyer

2nd Grand Prize: Advanced Doodling – Mike Cantor

Third Prize Award: Dirdy Birdy – John Dillworth

Fourth Prize: Helio – Teddy Cecil

Fifth: Coppersmith – Taylor Mosley

The Audience Choice Award: Directors On Directing – Damien Patrik

More to come online in our Awards Presentation show on the Brainwash Movies’ Big Weird Time broadcast series, so stay tuned!

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Land Action Movie festival!

At the Omni Oakland Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, California. Sunday, May 15th, 6:00pm.

Liberated Lens in collaboration with the Land Action 4 hosts 2 days of films, workshops and fun!! Bay Area social justice, activist organizations will be sharing their knowledge and experience throughout the festival and holding hands on activities in between the films.

Our selection of films connects the dots between local land/housing movements and global land struggle. The histories of these other campaigns illuminate the successes and setbacks we’re experiencing now in our own city. Globally, massive popular movements have taken principled action in pursuit of fundamental human rights and have thereby forced their governments to compromise. We make the case that direct action is still productive and relevant, and that we should fight to ensure that direct action remains legal in the Bay Area.

After each screening, there will be a Q&A with the directors, activists, and folx involved with the film.

6 pm – Dinner and Drinks, BYOB
6:15 – “Homefulness: The Struggle,The Vision, The Poor-People Led Revolution”
6:30 – Homefulness Q&A with Tiny Gray-Garcia of POOR magazine
6:45 – “Shelter: A Squatumentary”
7:30 – Shelter Q&A with members of Hellarity House
7:45 – stretch and mingle, + Homes Not Jails workshop (hands-on!!)
8:00 – “The Story of the MST: Parts I-III”
8:30 – MST-Landless Workers Movement Q&A with Friends of the MST Gustavo Oliveira
8:45 – stretch and mingle, Homes Not Jails workshop (you got it!! hands on)
9:00 – “Table Bed Chair: a documentary about the squatter scene of Amsterdam”
9:30 – Closing with Land Action 4

Attending Organizations:
Northern California People’s Housing Union
East Bay Homes Not Jails
Land Action
Friends of the MST
Permaculture Action Tour
POOR Magazine
Occupy the Farm
Tiny House Builders Contingent
-Marcus Owens of CAMO Projects

The Film Fest is a BYOB, Bar is TBD
Suggested donation for movies, free popcorn, workshops and shenanigans: $5-$25, NOTAFLOF!
Dinner provided by our favorite catering collective, Dos Manos! It’s gonna be delish! Price and menu pending (:

This is another fundraiser for the legal defense of the Land Action 4. We are currently about $500 away from paying back Patrick Xu’s bail and we will keep fundraising for future court fees.

Our first hearing is May 20th:

SF BayView interview with Patrick Xu:

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