Here it is, folks, the lineup for this year’s Festival!

The 20th Annual Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie festival

will be at Nimby, 8410 Amelia St., at 85th Ave., Oakland, CA, USA,

Friday, July 18th, Saturday July 19th, Fri., July 25th, and Sat., the 26th, 2014.

All shows at 9:00pm, with a virtual plethora of weird, unusual and just plain great movies for audience enjoyment and edification.

The New York Times says it “pirat[es] a piece of that old Hollywood magic and challeng[es] conventions on the role of public space in the process”.

“We project movies onto a tarp in West Oakland,” counters festival director Shelby Toland.

Admission is $12ea. per show, with discounts to City Car Share members: 2 for the price of one if “you flash your fob” and ALL occupants for free in a City Car Share Car!

or… get the Festival Pass$35.00 for ALL shows!  Get Tickets >>


Fri., July 18th

Super Camilla – Vitor Torao Akeda

The Man In White – Kyra Gardner

Candice is Currently Online – Patrick Schechter

Friendship – Xstine Cook

Traveler – Ron Hurley

Dearly Departed – Ashley Sinn

Love Stuck – Sierra Fein

A Farewell To Arm – Philip Snyder/Robert M. Snyder


Sat., July 19th- Special “Double Feature” show with Academy Award nominated Saint Dracula – a Bollywood classic!

Independent Film Maker – Andreas Goldfuss

Lullaby – Dana Brawer

F#*k Off – Berin Tuzlic

Highway 15 – Rachael L. Meyers

Bleach Formula – Heejin Jang

Dresden – Tahnee Gehm

Game Companion – Brian Morelan

Pop Psychology – Paul Fletcher

Warsaw January 2011 – Juliet Palmer

Cough – Jason Kempnich

Frogs Phrogs Frawgs – Brett Rogstad

Saint Dracula – Rupesh Paul/All Lights


Fri., July 25th

Bulimia: The Musical – Joe DiSanto

The Cabining – Mike Kopera


Sat., July 26th

Can We Be Happy Now? – Tahnee Gehm

Boome & Slade – Eric Jaffe

Kyrie Eleison / Transforming Gods – Volker Schlecht

Expatz – Jimmie Wing

Frenzbook – Paul Fontaine

The Spinster – Kristin Tieche

November – Eric Esser

Do What You Love – Katarzyna Kochany

Awards Presentation



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