The 19th Annual Brainwash Movie festival – 2013

The movies shown at the Brainwash Movie Festival are a great mix of original humor, experimental art movies, innovative animation, and short live-action stories and features with high production values. The moviemakers are unique and skillful storytellers, and the movies themselves pack a real punch into anywhere from 5 to 18 to 100 minutes.

Who won awards?

1st Prize: American Ubiquity – David Sutera
2nd Grand Prize: Space Out – Aidan Fraser
3rd prize: The Incendiary Adventures of a Scientist Gone Mad – Tanner Shay
4th prize: L & R – Jeff Toye
5th prize: Drink the Gloom – Yigit Kalyoncu

Audience Choice: Mirror Lies – Adam Rosenberg

AND – Delusional – Jeremy Scripter

How do I enter my film?

To submit your movies for 2014, please see our Call for Entries.

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The 19th Annual Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival Program

Music at 8:00pm, Movies at 9:00pm

The first patrons received a free Barf Bag just for showing up!

At Nimby’s: 8410 Amelia Street off 85th Ave., Oakland, CA

All shows broadcast in FM stereo!



Friday July 19th, 2013

American Ubiquity – David Sutera

(Barf Bag trailer)

We Bought a Ghost – R. & M. Etheridge

When I Met Dottie – The Bum Family

Consignment – Justin Hannah

Bob Hope – Careen Ingle

Car Alarm-B-Gone – Bill Ross

Day of the Spectre – Chris Peters

A Stroll Through the Park An Asbury Symphony – Sage Seb

Space Out – Aidan Fraser

Kayip – Mete Sozer


Saturday July 20th, 2013

The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) – Matthew Ragsdale

Smoked – Jamie DeWolf/Joshua Staley

American Ubiquity – David Sutera


Friday July 26th, 2013

American Ubiquity – David Sutera

Dust Bunnies – Katarzyna Kochany

Dance of the Books – Lorena Fernandez

Asshole Robot and the Benefits of an Artificial Mind – Eric Caselton

Mirror Lies – Adam Rosenberg

Refugio 115 – Ivan Villamel Sanchez

Blue Sheep Suit – Kevin Lonano

I Am Sorry About What Happened – Jon Kiefer

Drink the Gloom – Yigit Kalyoncu

The Incendiary Adventures of a Scientist Gone Mad! – Tanner Shay


Saturday July 27th, 2013

Living Canvass – Ronnie Cramer

The road led here – Jennifer Hardacker

Nigga… Nigga… NIGGA! – Michael Blevins

Little House of the Big Cry – Alfred Hernandez

Delusional – Jeremy Scripter

It’s Not Saturday – Martha Pinson

L&R – Jeff Toye

So Far Above Humans They Are – Elizabeth Lawrence/Amanda Stymeist

American Ubiquity – David Sutera


Awards Presentation (w/Jesus Festival Trailer)

RiP Les Blank — A Life Well Lived — 1935-2013. Photo by and via Barbara Traub

This year’s festival in memory of Les Blank – A great example & true inspiration to all moviemakers.

This picture first appeared to promote the First Annual Cacophony Drive-In Short Film Video festival in the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Pink Section” in 1995. It is now the Brainwash Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Movie Festival – showing the movies above, still going 18 years later. Thank you, Les Blank, for such great art – a true measure of a life’s well lived success.

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