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Report From Brainwash Silver

We are pleased as punch to be able to announce our show night programs & ticket information.

We thank all of the movie-makers & friends who have contributed to everybody’s unusal cinematic experiences at Brainwash Movies.

And beyond…

We hope you love our shows!

Friday,  7/12/2019
Icons 00:05:10 Ronnie Cramer
Five hundred years of world art in five minutes
The Snail 0:10:42 Mohammad Towrivarian
Iranian migrants story
Showtime 0:15:40 Shawn Antoine II
A subway dancer gets a break in NYC
Insectavora 00:14:03 Gary Beeber
Insectavora:  the Coney Island Sideshow fire eater
Baby Bird 0:07:37 Katie Locke O’Brien
Jen and Paul attend a dinner party. Life will never be the same
Gamer’s Wife 0:07:26 Brian Morelan
He wins, she prevails
a warm glass of milk 00:03:09 HEC .
Examining a history related to inner ear infections and motherhood
One Nation 0:08:50 Rodney Remson
Raider Nation, the Oakland Raiders fanbase
Outcry 0:05:19 Lucinda Luvaas
Visual poem
Cut-Subtitle- High 0:01:40 Mehrdad Bakhshi
2 heads are better than 1
Perception Picnic 00:03:21 John Akre
A brain and an eye go on a picnic
Light Matter 0:05:00 Virgil Widrich
Pulsating light creates
Total Time 1:29:00 (approx.)
Sat., 7/13/2019
Obstructions 0:01:00 Eric Maierson
Do you recognize this?
Holy Spirit 01:37:28 Karin Lueders
Is “Jesus” a serial killer?
Total Time 1:38:28
Fri., 7/19/2019
OCD 0:05:00 Ken Glaser
A positive message for OCD’ers
UnderSee 00:07:47 Margie Kelk
The destruction produced by humans in the Antarctic environment
A Fusilli Western 00:04:51 Jason Kuchar
Our hero embarks on a quest to bring two outlaws to justice
The Edge of the World 0:08:40 Jonathan Ritter
Isolated woman breaks out?
I Am He Who Created Himself 00:03:35 Emma Penaz Eisner
Joining with his shadow, the first god creates himself
Team Teenettes 0:24:55 Brian Morelan
Girls gone super
Tank Man 00:14:40 Robert Peters
Tank Man, who stood in front of Tienanmen Square tanks
Mr. Throw ‘Em Down The Stairs 00:10:41 Mitchell Pratt
To save a friend’s life, a prankster throws himself down a flight of stairs
Odes 0:04:30 Jon & Jordan
Total Time 1:24:00
Sat., 7/20/2019
Pie 00:03:30 Doug Cox
A man with a daily pie in the face
BURN 00:14:59 Judson Vaughan
In the midst of hysteria and tragedy, a child is born
TONiGHT 1:05:19 Joey Severini
On the night of their senior prom…
Lilly Goes Fishing 00:07:52 Xstine Cook
Lilly embarks on an adventure at a lakeside fishing camp
Total Time 1:31:00
Sun., 7/21/2019 – The Special Brainwash Retro Vids.
1995 – Eyestruck 0:09:32 Int’l Media/Poetry Film
Vincent, Vincent Edmund Skellings
 The Miracle Is the Shortest Time Mindy Molinari
Untitled Mindy Molinari
Hamp Gelp MTV DJ Krzysik/ MD Kuczajda
Find Your Place Hot Tub Man/ Scott Bartlett
1996 – Jesus Festival Trailer 0:05:00 DJ Krzysik/ Scott Arford
2003 – Brainwash TV Pilot 0:26:22 Jesse Block
Tow Truck Attack Aron Ranen
Shortstop Joel Berry
Thought Bubble Billy Greene/ Jean Margaret
2005 – Pilot Show 01.02 0:26:28 DJ Krzysik/ Jesse Block
Twitch Leah Meyerhoff
Find Your Place Hot Tub Man/ Scott Bartlett
Shortstop Joel Berry
Thought Bubble Billy Greene/ Jean Margaret
Sun., 7/21/2019 – The Special Brainwash Retro Vids. (con’t.)
2005 – Cannes Trailer 0:03:38 DJ Krzysik/ Diva Conrad
2006 – Chabot Show 0:13:05 Dave Krzysik
Video tapestry I Mark McGothigan
Hamp Gelp DJ Krzysik/ MD Kuczajda
Lunar Lunch Stan Wisniewski
Bad Trip at Black Rock Bruce Krueger
The Fool’s Errand Michael Wardner
Video tapestry II Mark McGothigan
Hamp Back DJ Krzysik/ MD Kuczajda
2010 – Big Weird Time Show 0:22:05 DJ Krzysik/ D. Maddux
Horror of Our Love Dave Reda
Goodnight Harvey Josh Self/ Orlando Rivera II
2011 – Big Weird Time Awards 0:13:07 DJ Krzysik/ D. Maddux
2018 – Test – The 2018 Awards 0:09:04 DJ Krzysik/ Linda Lord

Stylized image of festival with logo.


We are Brainwash Movies, doing the Brainwash Movie Festival. We’ve been going every year for 24 years, and are looking forward to celebrating our 25th Silver anniversary this festival season, in July. Presenting an aesthetic beyond the parameters of the everyday & the usual, we expand into the roots of the underground, experimental & just plain charming. Our festival is a mainstay in the local, East Bay of the San Francisco Bay, CA, area.

We’re also looking for interested individuals to participate with us.

Thank you reading this dribble.Created with GIMP

Hal Robins designed & drawn logo with laurels for Brainwash’s Silver 25th Anniversary Season.

Brainwash, since 1995, has delighted audiences with a selection of the bizarre, the unique, and just plain old well-made movies from independent producers all over the world. With an eye toward the abstract, the innovative and the weird, Brainwash salutes it’s 25th Silver Anniversary this 2019 season and will have a Unity Night of movies as well as a hot little Silver Anniversary Celebration. We have consistently attracted entries we curate to be able to display some of the most cutting edge cinema from up and coming directors, actors, producers and crews consistently year after year.

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