The 21st Brainwash Movie Festival Program!

A plethora of weird, unusual and just plain great short and feature movies, this year again promises to be worthy of the culmination of 21 years of fine movies for audience enjoyment and edification from Brainwash. Witness, also, the settings: Nimby, the original DIY industrial art space in Oakland, and the Palace, one of the grand old theaters from the Golden Ages of Cinema.

Friday, July 24th, 2015 @ Nimby:

Cine Drive-In – Cinema Sob o Céu – Claudio Moraes

Ein Mercedes für Sierra Leone – Robert Fuhrmann

Arcadia – Rick Fisher

Directors on Directing – Damien Patrik

Eclissi – Tygh Runyan

M-Theory – TL Westgate

N’kisi Concorde – Nikki Sass

Saturday, July 25th, 2015 @ Nimby:

aWake – Chris Harper

Coppersmith – Taylor Mosley

Alcachofas piraña del abismo prehistoric – Javier Lozano Sánchez

September Sketch Book – Ronnie Cramer

Helio – Teddy Cecil

Sweet Nothings – Valerian Zamel

Advanced Doodling – Mike Cantor

On my way to NYC! – Mélanie Duault

Tete Noise, an interview in Tbilisi / Georgia – Virginie Thérèse Colombe

Corto – Alexis de Vigan

Oak and Scott: Pausing at High Speed – Sinem Yilanci

Ocean – Stephanie Maxwell


Fri. and Sat., July 31st and Aug. 1st at the Palace Theater Program

Friday, July 31th, 2015
The Dirdy Birdy – Redux John Dillworth
Being Dennis Trish Sie
Dennis Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Michael Nardelli
I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently Lyn Elliot
Lilly’s Big Day Xstine Cook/The Bum Family
Seventy Percent Scott Campbell
Predatory Lender Jim Meyer

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 (Tickets not available on TicketWeb for tonights show)

The Bag – Phil Snyder

In the Course of Human Events (excerpt from City Symphony II) – Dominic Angerame

Advanced Doodling – Mike Cantor

G – Johnathan Ritter

Persistence of Vision – Scott Campbell

Atlantic Right Side Up – Katarzyna Kochany

And It Was Good – Graham Waterston

Cable Movie Classics Presents Fair Shake – Johnathan Ritter

Ballot Trailers

Awards Ceremony

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  1. Wondering
    Posted July 31, 2015 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

    Wondering if tonights event is still on July 31 at the Palace Theater?! There’s no schedule of movies, no tickets under TicketWeb, I checked the venue webpage and there’s no mention. I checked your Facebook page, no updates.
    At the Palace Theater, do we need to bring out own chair? Can we bring our own drinks?
    Would love to go, but won’t wander into East Oakland until I know more.

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