Land Action Movie festival!

At the Omni Oakland Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, California. Sunday, May 15th, 6:00pm.

Liberated Lens in collaboration with the Land Action 4 hosts 2 days of films, workshops and fun!! Bay Area social justice, activist organizations will be sharing their knowledge and experience throughout the festival and holding hands on activities in between the films.

Our selection of films connects the dots between local land/housing movements and global land struggle. The histories of these other campaigns illuminate the successes and setbacks we’re experiencing now in our own city. Globally, massive popular movements have taken principled action in pursuit of fundamental human rights and have thereby forced their governments to compromise. We make the case that direct action is still productive and relevant, and that we should fight to ensure that direct action remains legal in the Bay Area.

After each screening, there will be a Q&A with the directors, activists, and folx involved with the film.

6 pm – Dinner and Drinks, BYOB
6:15 – “Homefulness: The Struggle,The Vision, The Poor-People Led Revolution”
6:30 – Homefulness Q&A with Tiny Gray-Garcia of POOR magazine
6:45 – “Shelter: A Squatumentary”
7:30 – Shelter Q&A with members of Hellarity House
7:45 – stretch and mingle, + Homes Not Jails workshop (hands-on!!)
8:00 – “The Story of the MST: Parts I-III”
8:30 – MST-Landless Workers Movement Q&A with Friends of the MST Gustavo Oliveira
8:45 – stretch and mingle, Homes Not Jails workshop (you got it!! hands on)
9:00 – “Table Bed Chair: a documentary about the squatter scene of Amsterdam”
9:30 – Closing with Land Action 4

Attending Organizations:
Northern California People’s Housing Union
East Bay Homes Not Jails
Land Action
Friends of the MST
Permaculture Action Tour
POOR Magazine
Occupy the Farm
Tiny House Builders Contingent
-Marcus Owens of CAMO Projects

The Film Fest is a BYOB, Bar is TBD
Suggested donation for movies, free popcorn, workshops and shenanigans: $5-$25, NOTAFLOF!
Dinner provided by our favorite catering collective, Dos Manos! It’s gonna be delish! Price and menu pending (:

This is another fundraiser for the legal defense of the Land Action 4. We are currently about $500 away from paying back Patrick Xu’s bail and we will keep fundraising for future court fees.

Our first hearing is May 20th:

SF BayView interview with Patrick Xu:

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Founders: Shelby Toland, Dave Krzysik, Barbara Traub & Scott Arford
Exec. Producer: Duncan Maddux
2018 judges: Linda Lord, Dave Krzysik, Kamala and Shelby Toland

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Neil Kaplan, David Sutera, Mike Snook and Nimby, Amy Stabler, Dionne Stevens, Jason Gohlke, (General Partner Emeritus), Ron Baker, Simon Lang, Michael Mohr, Jalal Elhayek, Steve Mobia, Bekah Barnett, Ben the awesome fiddle and banjo player, Doug Campbell, Mark McGothigan, Gary Nakamoto, Dave Reda, Emmanuel Jonas, Steven DeCaprio, Sarah Fisher, Yvette Hochberg, Andy Kirk, D.J. Neel N. Kizmiaz, Lillian Phaeton, Bev Reiser, The Rhythmic Revolution, Hal Robins, Betty Tweedy, Jonathan Logan, Jesse Block, Ed Holmes, Vikki Vaden, Mark States, Victor Ho, John Law, The SF Cacophony Society, (we're on pgs. 230-231), Scott Beale, Rob Schmidt, J.D. Boggmann, Mr. Mystic, M2, Burning Man, Phil Shuey, Kathy Vaquilar, Annie Coulter, Mike Dingle, SomArts, Jabari Herbert, Monsa, Phil Snyder, Mark Thimijian, ALL of our moviemakers! and, in memoriam to Michael Hawk and Les Blank, whose movies live on.

Theme Music for the Festival and Big Weird Time Webisodes: Traffic Man, written by Dave Krzysik & Ed Bullins.
Performed by:
Hot Tub Man: Benny Lewis, Joe Shelby, Gaylord Birch, Nik Phelps, Joe McKinley, & Dave Krzysik. Hot Tub Man, with a different line-up, also performed Find Your Place, moviemaker Scott Bartlett's last movie.

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