2020 Call for Entries

The 2020 Brainwash Movie Drive-In/Bike-In/Walk-In Festival Call for Entries.

Hey, people, let’s make better an epic pandemic, lock downs, and lack of any really safe occupation outside of those working at home.

To motivate everyone to use your shelter time to make a movie, dig up old ones or both, the Brainwash Movie festival is offering a 50% discount! Enter the code BeSafe when submitting on FilmFreeway.

Brainwash Movies will have shows this season, with the possibility of a safe, socially distanced Drive-In.

So enter and help yourself and the movie arts at Brainwash!


“Late” Entries: Shorts $20, Features $45 by May, 22nd, 2020
(postmarked or entered w/available file)

Note: Shorts are under 13 min., Features under 130 min.
Movies 13-59 min. are Shorts; 60-129 min. are Features.

We can no longer accept credit cards except through

Or… send a check, money order or use Paypal to (we do not recommend sending cash), with an email link to your movie to, or DVD to…

1675 7th St., #23302
Oakland, CA 94623-6009


  • All entries must be transferred to Region 1 or 0 DVD for preview, or .MP4 files online and downloadable.
  • Please include a 10-20 sec. trailer and/or clips of your movie(s) to be used in promoting your movie and the festival.
  • All accepted entries will be notified by email.


Free Admission to the Festival Event.

We have a broadcast series in the works and will use your movie, with your permission, if yours is selected.

Prizes! We would like to welcome our returning sponsor Jungle Software to The Brainwash Movie Festival. We will be presenting Jungle software to our TOP 3 AWARD WINNERS this year, to help with future movie productions!

Jungle Software

Chimpanzee and Story-O are production software especially designed for independent filmmakers. Chimpanzee allows you to create breakdown sheets, characters, budgets, manage cast & crew, generate call sheets, prop lists, shot lists, storyboards and more.  Story-O allows you to outline your story in broad strokes, jot down raw notes and ideas, flesh out details and then put it all in story order when you’re ready. Find out more at the Jungle Software website.

PLUS – A new award from

3 winners will receive a prize package from InkTip:

InkTip is a service that producers and reps use to find great screenplays, and the results speak for themselves. 393 movies have been made from scripts and writers found on our site.

Producers: find scripts fast and easy.

Writers: list and sell your scripts.

Winners of the 4th, 5th and Audience Award Prizes will receive an InkTip Script Listing:  A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.

And Now… an even newer award from

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A one year FREE subscription to ALL entrants to the 2018 Brainwash Movie Festival starting after the festival ends in September of this year!

What more do you want?!

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