Announcing the 2009 Brainwash Movie Festival Lineup!

We are proud to announce a terrific line-up of short independent movies at this year’s 15th Annual Brainwash Drive-in Bike-in Walk-in Movie Festival, to be held in Oakland on Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st, 2009. [Buy advance tickets on TicketWeb.]

Congratulations to our moviemakers and a sincere thanks to all who submitted their movies! We plan to “hold over” certain other movies submitted this year, including a couple of Very Brainwash FeaturesTM, for further shows, so stay tuned!

In other words, if your movie did not make the main festival, it may still screen later in the year.

And now the program:

Friday, July 31st:
T-shirt of Me Matt Meindl
The Collection Keren Albala
The Glitch Joe Fordham
Carnival Lights/Vereinsamt Jim Magrini
Gypsy Crepes Count Lear Bunda
Thunder, Perfect Mind Joey Bargsten
EXIT.ALLEY Robin Smyth
Crossing Boundaries Nicholas Serenati
Debt Consolidation Josh Bass
EAST WORLD Hiroshi Toda
Karaoke Show Karl Tebbe
Saturday, August 1st:
Be Right There Van Lam
The 2000 Man Timothy Kolesk
c/o Flap Jackson John Lustig
The Hit Lachlan Huddy
Stalk Much? Bill Baykan
Scrimshander George Smaragdis
Dodo Bird Mike Gray
MXD MSG Jeffrey Durkin
Peter & I Josh Bass
Mister Coffey Mark Thimijan
Angel Island Mark McGothigan
WSIM: What Suffered Inside Me Jennifer Hardy
I Dream In Stereo Ken Glaser
Awards Presentation
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